Well, considering the name theme of this blog, you probably figured it out.

In SGU it’s about a spaceship called Destiny. 46 is the code for Human Chromosomes in the 14th episode. Talk about 14th, guess who posted an interesting article yesterday? SSP in Utah? If I continue down the road, guess what else is part 14? You better study how Harmonics and Humanity fits together.

What else stands for 46? This image below can explain a bit:

That price might be reached after that march contract expires. This is not financial advice.
46 is the atomic number of palladium

In the movie Code 46, this plot occurs:

In the near future the world is divided between those who live “inside”, in high-density cities, and the poor underclass who live “outside.” Access to the cities is highly restricted and regulated through the use of health documents, known as “papeles” in the global pidgin language of the day (composed of elements of English, SpanishFrenchArabicItalianFarsi and Mandarin).

Most city residents venture outside only after dark since direct sunlight is now considered hazardous to their health (UV rays can cause melanoma). However, a few residents still venture outdoors during the day. The government appears to be authoritarian and dystopian.

Sounds like a plot that can happen 20 year later after that movie published if the CoViD-19 is out of control. Except that instead of melanoma it’s going to be the virus. Guess what other plot looks very similar 20 years later? Deus Ex (2000). But this time it’s spot on with a virus that threatens the entire population.

But no matter how “Grim” these scenarios look, well I hope they don’t happen. To raise the mood a bit, you can try this satire about the elephant in the room.

And to finally add another piece to the puzzle, there are two distinctive paths one can choose, that of peace of that of war. I’ll just say, the bad guys never know ‘peace’. And in between peace and war, is “protect”. It’s neutral, but can “protect” the peace of some people from coming into contact with war.
“There is no peace for evil people [the wicked],” says my God. – Isaiah 57:21

The Destiny of Humanity, I believe, is first to be morally righteous, and from there on to develop technology, both inside of them (DNA) and outside (Space, Tech, Nature) to travel to the Universe and Beyond.

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